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we broke up and he is dating

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I would dress in the most outrageous lingerie as he fucked me and made feel more like a woman than I had felt in years.

"This is probably the only solution that will save our marriage.

I knew about your previous affair and to be honest I didn't get insanely jealous over that!

" I looked again at his moist eyes and blurted out.

"You're giving me permission to get fucked by someone else? "You can take a sexual partner, but it must never happen in our home or be flaunted in my face!

This frustrated me immensely, so much so that I had an affair with a work colleague who was more than adequately endowed but boy did he have a fertile mind and a massive sex drive.

He fucked me relentlessly on numerous occasions, delivering an abundance of orgasms in the process.

He also videotaped me doing a striptease for him then he fucked me on camera coming all over my face as I licked and swallowed every drop of man juice.

I broke the off affair and returned to my husband, but his insecurities multiplied and we would quarrel about the least thing but we both knew it was his impotence that was the driving force.

Holding my hand he looked directly in to me eyes and said.

"I love you more than you can possibly know, but I can't give you the physical love you need and crave!

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