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It's that strange irony of being surrounded by thousands of people, yet failing to actually connect - everyone seems to be either too busy to break their routines or too stuck in their existing social circles to meet fresh new faces.

Or could it take away the fun of finding out yourself?However, with your potential partners now into their hundreds within minutes can you tell anymore what and who is real or an online fantasy?Shopping for your potential partner can be tiresome and as the saying goes you have to ‘virtually’ kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.Online dating is quickly becoming part of everyday life with apps on our phones making it easy to connect with people closer than we could ever imagine and to tick all the right boxes before we even meet with them.Being brought up with online dating and choosing partners through or an online profile is potentially how future relationships will be created.Lots of us are guilty of staying within strict social circles - some even dating as far back as our high-school friends!Wouldn't it be great to enter a pool of singles who have indicated that they are actively seeking a long-term relationship? Rather than waiting around in bars hoping to bump into Mr. Right, Elite Singles opens up a whole new world of dating possibilities by connecting like-minded singles with mutual interests and lifestyles via our tailored matchmaking process.Even if we do meet someone through ‘traditional’ means in work or via a friend of a friend, I bet the first thing you do is go online and ‘check them out’.So is there a place for online romance or does nothing compare to a real relationship?Online dating should be a tool to be used to find potential partners, and even get to know them in some respect prior to arranging to meet or date them in person.However, people are starting to skip that part and just enjoy the safety of having a relationship online in place of a ‘real’ relationship.

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    Online dating never been easier, just create a profile, check out your matches, send them a few messages and when meet up for a date.…