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Astrology dating site

These reports are available instantly too and with each one a free horoscope wheel is included which serves as a graphical representation of the planets and their aspects, as they were when you were born.

These in-depth analyses of peoples hidden emotions and motivations can be a great help in understanding why we do the things that we do.

For people involved in a relationship or contemplating embarking on one, there is a zodiac match where they can choose their date of birth along with that of their current or prospective partner and read a free report on each persons sign, along with a brief look at the compatibility issues that may arise between the two signs.

Also included are some suggestions as to ideal jobs and lucky numbers for everyone, from a monkey to a rat.

whether you are an Aries, a Sagittarius or a Capricorn which is determined by the position of the sun, but also the position of the various planets.

To obtain a personal reading all you need to do is fill in the simple form on the site and submit it.

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