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Really, relationships shouldn’t be that hard—if two people like each other, they should put in the effort to be with each other, right? It’s almost like the emotional game-playing that goes on in our real lives—or the ways we sabotage our own chances at love—is reflected on TV with the aid of high production budgets., despite the fact the format focuses on one suitor (or suitress) dating a group of prospective partners at the same time, we get swept up in the super sweet, romantic production value of it as a way of dating escapism, to the point that people who seem too ‘real’ stand out.

I can't stop laughing,' and pointing fingers at their personal appearance.But they’re not in that situation—they’re not the ones trying to create a real relationship with someone.And I certainly wasn’t going to have my feelings exaggerated by the situation we were in.This year’s season has been completely different to the ones that came before.In previous seasons, the show focused on four couples, married them off, sent them on honeymoons, and brought them altogether for one dinner event., which has this premise: “A beautiful tropical island is the backdrop to a real-life soap opera as five long-term couples take part in a bold social experiment in an attempt to save their troubled relationships.The couples have all reached rock bottom—struck by problems of infidelity, trust, and intimacy.If you were sucked into this year’s season of Married at First Sight, you’re not alone.It’s been the top-rating show most nights it’s been on, consistently raking in over a million Australian viewers, and finally taking down Channel Seven’s long-reigning cooking juggernaut Its premise, which marries off complete strangers and forces them into accelerated spousal relationships, is an emotional mindfuck for everyone involved—not just for the people getting instant husbands and wives, but even for us, the viewers.The most viewed dating show in China is calling upon Australia to join the ranks of single, mandarin speaking contestants in collaboration with Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service second channel (SBS2).‘If You Are The One,’ hosted by Meng Fei has asked the Australian public to sign up for the show if they’re ‘terrified to die alone’, ‘worry no one will love them…ever’ or ‘sick of cooking for one’ in a two part special to be filmed in both Australia and Nanjing, China.The show gained a cult following in Australia, after hitting screens in 2013, pitting one male suitor against 24 women, with the ability to show disinterest by merely turning off a light and expressing their distaste with uncensored honesty.

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