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Auto updating jpg viewer

Let's assume you'll pick 10% of the images for processing and printing.

You have a contemporary computer with a fast processor and fast disks (for example an Intel i7 machine, with one SSD and a fast SATA drive).

Consider the following example: say you are a wedding or sports photographer coming back from an assignment with 1000 raw images, taken with a contemporary DSLR (16-20MP range).

Everything else - the program's taskbar, or the floating gadgets like histogram or EXIF shoorting data - is optional and can be hidden from view at the press of a key: Fast Picture Viewer never gets in the way of your pictures and all key functions - navigation, rating and the advanced functionality provided through plug-ins - can be accessed from the keyboard, while zooming to 100% is simply done by clicking on the image.If you expose or sell photos on the web, see what Zenfolio can do for you: Fast Picture Viewer Pro has an innovative content-first user interface that puts the most important thing forward: your images.There is no multi-level cascading menus with hundreds of options, and no stack of toolbars full of tiny cryptic icons.Fast Picture Viewer Pro is the best companion to Adobe Lightroom and other digital asset management systems: use it to weed-out your pictures before importing them for development and editing.FPV Pro has all the tools you need to quickly decide if you want to keep an image or not: full color management for faithful color rendition, instant zooming to 100% and back, to check for sharpness, instant RGB histogram to evaluate the exposure, instant lost shadows / highlights view to see where the blocked-up shadows and burned-out highlights zones are located and their extent, and instant EXIF shooting data at a glance.The software was also designed with the needs of photographers in mind, so it supports industry-standards and first-class color management, along with essential tools like EXIF and RGB histogram, always available in floating "head-up-displays" that update themselves instantly, so they can be checked for every image without additional keystrokes.Fast Picture Viewer does not try to be the next Swiss Army knife of image viewers, on the contrary it's a simple program that does a few things very well, but don't be fooled by the slick user-interface: the software has many powerful functions including second-to-none rule-based batch file management, resembling Microsoft Outlook™ message rules, that let users perform any copy/move/export jobs in just a few clicks, exploiting the parallel power of modern computers.Supported formats includes Adobe Photoshop PSD, RAW formats from 580 digital cameras, HDR formats and formats used in the computer graphics industry, as well as thumbnail support for Adobe In Design and more.This product is a one-stop shop for robust additional image formats support in Microsoft Windows, from XP to Windows 8.x, with full native 64 bit support and is trusted and used by the biggest names in the industry, including Sony Online Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainments and many more, as well as hundreds of thousands of photo studios, photographers, photo enthusiasts and graphic artists in more than 200 countries around the world. Try the FASTEST Photo & Video Import, a trusted Windows Store app compatible with Apple i Phone® and i Pad®, Android™ phones, Windows™ phones and other USB-connected phones, most digital cameras and DSLRs, sports cams (like Go Pro™) and, last but not least, the fastest USB 3.x card readers. Fast Picture Viewer Professional supports direct upload to pro-oriented photo websites such as Zenfolio: export and upload JPEGs, TIFFs, RAW files, everything, directly to your Zenfolio account with optional automatic s RGB conversion, rescaling, metadata stripping and more!The ratings, captions, keywords and color labels set in Fast Picture Viewer Professional will be readily imported into , thanks to the industry-standard Adobe XMP metadata standards those programs adhere to, making Fast Picture Viewer Pro the perfect time-saving front-end companion to Adobe Lightroom and other DAM's image development and picture organization features!Fast Picture Viewer Professional is a color-managed RAW image viewer, built for photographers with the aim to speed up image culling, rating and selection.

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