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Black panthers intimidating voters philadelphia

This was a tiny incident in a single polling place about which there was not proof of a single intimidated voter.

And what many of us right leaning folks find disconcerting is the seemingly overwhelming tendency of the comment section to draw OTB into a John Cole like loss of gyroscope.

There is a spectrum, and there is a center of that spectrum. Most other writers here are where Doug lies, or slightly to left (excepting Dodd).

It’s always quite amusing (not to mention delusional) whenever anyone accuses Doug, of all people, of being a leftist in anyway…there are many others who would beg to differ with this faulty accusation…

You are right, Doug is not a leftist; he is left leaning.

If you’d like to really pursue how the ejudication went down, here’s the link… Some folks are afraid of the elastic in their underwear.. There was nothing exceptional about it that merited federal attention — but it did. The only reason you don’t think this is small potatoes is because you, like Adams and so many others, think this is a useful way to scare white people. @mantis: I’d have the same problem with the Klan at my polling place.

Because of what it represented — a type of attitude that needed to be confronted. So there’s no racial component here, and hanging out in front of a voting place while armed and asserting just who better win the election is no big deal. More, ‘cuz they claim to represent me and my interests, and I take that personally. And you know it would, if you were honest for a moment. (1.1% black, according to latest census.) And don’t you get tired of substituting statistics for facts?

Cases like NBPP and the case in Mississippi (as well as NVRA cases requiring cleaning up of voter rolls) were of greater priority to the Bush Administration than to the Obama administration. in Political Science from Rutgers University and J. Yeah, in the grand scheme of things the number of voters at that one polling place that may have been intimidated is miniscule compared to the total votes cast in Philly and Penn.

(5) Some on the right hoped to use the controversy over NBPP to paint the Obama DOJ as politicized and to make a scandal out of a legitimate difference in opinion over DOJ prosecutorial priorities and prosecutorial discretion. However, what those two NBP members were doing is clearly proscribed.

I could go on to list a litany of bogus charges of racial animus and/or voter intimidation for those who just can’t find it in their hearts to feel that the display put on by the NBPP in Philly rose to anything other than, apparently, harmless playground antics during the elections of 2008.

i can hardly wait to see their reactions in 2012 when things go to absolute anarchy.

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