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Because this is the realest ish we've heard about Inga's life.Foxy's...

When he left, he started getting high and it got really bad.

When I look back at the guys I've dated, I picked some crazy ones.

He always taught me to 'stay in my mirrors'." On growing up insecure about her dark skin Lauryn [Hill] came in first as the dark skin chick on the scene.

But when you see a bad, dark skin chocolate chick, it's like Wow.

It's not about immortalizing Jay, it's about me having a reputation.

There was no story, no audio, no interview...someone maybe in Milwaukee somewhere just made up some story.

I just knew OF the legend of "Haitian Jack." He took me to Jacob's (Jacob the Jeweler) the first time we met.

And once a good girl's gone bad, she's gone forever.

And the statement that made when I was so young....

Four of us did it--Beyonce, myself, Star Jones and Teri Woods, the author.

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