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Dating a compulsive liar

I know you’ve heard of the situations where one SO has the trust issues, but in the end was the one deceitful or unfaithful. And if this behavior is present in your relationship –.Maybe you both hardly need to have a full on conversation during dinner, or you enjoy the silence of each other’s company.

Read more about 13 Vital Communication Skills That Will Save Your Relationship. In terms of abnormal behavior – well, you be the judge.

And unfortunately, it destroyed my faith in a loyal, trustworthy relationship for a period of my young, vulnerable life.

It took many years to cleanse my palette in being able to be vulnerable and accepting of someone in my life.

Whether you go your separate ways after a long day of work, or don’t talk for days except when you see one another on the weekends. But there’s a difference between distance and complacency.

If he tends to , so it was normal for me to make conversation about work the next time we spoke.

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