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Dating advice second date

Once the date is over, send her a message telling her how great the date was!

If you’ve survived your first date and made it to the second, you might be surprised to learn that second dates can actually be tougher than the first!

Sure, have some fun, but don’t let your actions stop you from making a clear decision about whether you really want to see your date again.

You may have already heard a lot about the dos and don'ts of a first date.

As you gear up for the next one, we bring to you 11 second date tips to make sure there is a third one.

On a second date there should be more ‘safe’ topics to discuss before you get into the deeper stuff. There’s nothing like the tingling feeling you get when you realise you and a date have it.

But chemistry is just one part of a great relationship and getting too intimate on a second date can really cloud your judgement.

© Images Bazaar Surprise her with a second part of the date. In fact, your second date should be focused on her. It is too soon to get to know everything about her. © Shutterstock This shows her that you've been thinking about the first date too.

Once you've watched the latest rom-com at the theatre, take her someplace else where you can spend a lot more time just talking. It could be anything - from a chocolate to a perfume. In fact, the more personal the gift is, the more she will want you. Ask her what she liked the most about your first date. Help her open up to you and love you for your flaws.

If you take her for a film, make sure it is a genre she watches. © Images Bazaar You may have met her directly at the restaurant the last time.

But since this is the second time you're meeting her, it is a good opportunity to personalize your date a bit more.

It‘s also important to remember that your date (no matter how much of a connection you felt on your first meeting) is a stranger.

You might have exchanged lots of heartfelt emails, spent hours on the phone, but ultimately you don’t know them from Adam.

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