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That was the moment Michelle realized she needed help.She called her psychiatrist and asked to be seen right away.You may periodically feel ashamed or guilty about being so distracted—but your mind keeps going back to your obsession regardless.“It’s almost like people …

If your thoughts tend to be more intense in the morning, for instance, you might plan to go for a regular run before breakfast.released from police custody in 2006 and instead of being taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, she was released into a high crime area where she was gang raped and plummeted seven stories.Trauma: Here's Christina Eilman shortly after she was raped and plummeted from a seventh story window.She was released by cops instead of being taken to a mental hospital for an evaluation.The city of Chicago agreed today to give her .5 million Rather than bring Eilman to a hospital, police released her after 29 hours in custody, despite her parents calling at least nine times to warn them about her mental health status and that she was having an episode.As an illustration, say you come up with an idea for a new home business.It feels good to have a project you’re passionate about, and you spend more and more time thinking about how to get it off the ground. You neglect current commitments because of the inordinate amount of time and money you’re funneling into finding just the right supplies and designing a website.Already off-balance because of mood symptoms, Michelle became obsessed with proving her husband was having an affair.She started checking his cell phone when he was in the shower, and his computer and i Pad when he was at work.The key is to decide in advance on some options for distracting yourself.“It could be some relaxation exercises, physical exercise like yoga or going for a walk, watching TV, calling a friend, or getting to work on some project you’ve been avoiding,” says Hubbard.“Anything that’s meaningful and valuable and gives you something concrete to shift your attention toward.”Farrell suggests identifying the obsessive thought, then scheduling a brief block of time later in the day to pay attention to it—allowing you to be more present for the work or people in front of you.

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