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You can tell because he wears glasses and his girlfriend dresses like a color blind hillbilly.His father and much older brother, Mike, were champion wrestlers.

The most unique character is Cal's girlfriend Luli.

She likes to show her breasts to boys willing to pay to see them.

His mother is not thrilled about it as wrestling has not been good to her.

Without her knowing, Cal seeks out his brother and talks him into being his personal trainer.

was written by John Posey, who plays the high school wrestling coach.

His son Tyler plays Cal's nemesis and fellow wrestler, Billy.Photo courtesy Kenny Johnston Images TM & copyright © Warner Bros., DC Comics Follow Kenny on Instagram “Like” Kenny on Facebook Podcast: Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS No trick!Flash Back/Flash Forward February continues with a visit from the Trickster, actor Devon Graye!She creates her own clothes, but clearly should not.Madeleine Martin's childish voice makes her seem all the more ridiculously charming. Danny Glover shows up occasionally to give Cal pointless advice.The only one to bring her "A" game is Patricia Clarkson. This is best exemplified by the scene where she confronts an arrested Cena.She stands above him, pouring out some emotion while he looks as if he is struggling to remember his one line. I like John Cena, but he has got to learn to let down his mask and show some vulnerability or he will never be a real actor.It also has the dubious distinction of having one of the shortest turnarounds between opening in theaters and being released on DVD of any movie in North American history – a mere 18 days.At the box office it earned back less than half a million dollars of its five million dollar budget. But as Eric wrote, it really isn't as bad as all that. Cal is a nerdy high school student living with his single mother in the midwest. For a movie made by the testosterone driven WWE studios, it could have easily been made for the Lifetime channel for women.

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