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Dating dna plus review

This was really comprehensive, including not only a list of the genes analyzed in the test, but information about each gene, how they chose which to include and how they came to conclusions about the different variants of each gene.

The three things that I might find out about with a test from DNAFit was made immediately clear: ‘Fitness&Diet’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Wellness’.

As someone who enjoys exercise, but prefers to run than to take part in specific sports, I was most interested in exploring how my DNA might impact my fitness and diet, so clicked to find out more about this type of test.

I was intrigued and wanted to find out more about what this might mean practically, so moved on to the Diet Report. There were 12 results in total: ‘Carbohydrate Sensitivity’, ‘Saturated Fat Sensitivity’, ‘Detoxification Ability’, ‘Anti-Oxidant Need’, ‘Omega-3 Need’, ‘Vitamin B Requirements’, ‘Vitamin D Requirements’, ‘Salt Sensitivity’, ‘Alcohol Response’, ‘Caffeine Sensitivity’, ‘Lactose Intolerance’ and ‘Coeliac Predisposition’.

Each section was quite long, and because of the relatively high number of results I was surprised that there was no contents page.

This made it really easy to quickly look at all of the results, and gave me an idea of what my strengths and weaknesses were before reading about them in more detail in the other reports.

Among many other things, I found out that I had a high sensitivity to carbohydrates, but in contrast wasn’t very sensitive to saturated fats.

I was informed that I’d be able to log in and view them online but could also download them as PDFs.

When I logged in, I saw that the results were split into three files, my ‘Fitness Report’, my ‘Diet Report’ and an ‘Infographic Report’.

This section explained what to expect from the process, via a step-by-step diagram and also a video which told me a bit about DNAFit and the process of testing, from taking the sample to it being analyzed in the lab and receiving results.

There was also a whole page dedicated to explaining the science behind the test.

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