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The figure of eight can be done as wide as you like within reason, so make it easy by making a wide turn (this is done around two blue cones, you can go back round the final yellow cone but this runs the risk of hitting it).Try to pass as close as possible to the furthest blue cone each time you pass between them.

- The Module 1 is only 15 minutes long and most of that is taken up by the examiner trying to make sense of the sea of cones.

It will really help if you get a good look at the cones before the test and if your instructor shows you on a board how each manoeuvre is laid out.

If you like a reasonable run up before turning (and most people do) then start well back to give yourself room and don't forget the final check before you turn.

The actual turn is using exactly the same slow control as was used for the figure of eight.

Again take your time - you are not up against a clock.

A common fault here is forgetting to do the lifesaver/observation checks.People fail for parking the motorcycle when they rush it: take your time, make it easy by using the side stand if one is fitted and make sure you hold the front brake.When you push the motorcycle there is no right or wrong way as such, however, it is very, very important to look where you are going to help you turn the handlebars and not lose balance.We have asked about the white lines and had mixed replies (what a surprise from the ), so our take on it is don't ride on the white lines.Now that it is so much easier it is easy to forget that the examiner will still want you to look out for imaginary cars before you start to turn.For this exercise all the details explained earlier for the bend still apply, except that on the exit of the bend you need to start seriously accelerating (stay in 2nd gear).Again this is much easier than the old test as there is no element of riding you motorcycle into a coned "box" and then parking it on the stand.As with all thing preparation pays dividends; so parking at an awkward angle will make it difficult to push the motorcycle out backwards.If you feel like you are losing your balance - LET THE CLUTCH OUT.Look where you want to go and as you turn start looking up the "road" to help give you perspective.

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