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Metalheads who prefer something a little heavier are in luck—every summer, Gothenburg plays host to the Metaltown Festival, two days of head-banging glory.

Snow mainly occurs from December to March, but is not unusual in November and April and can sometimes occur even in October and May.

So for sightseeing women, visit Gothenburg at summertime, than you see a lot of girls wearing skirts and dresses.

Non-religious gothenburg dating sense energy is what its all about and they want more clitoral sweden gothenburg stimulation.

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The city is famous for hosting some of the biggest annual and non-annual events in Scandinavia, which has nicknamed Gothenburg as the "Event City".

Gothenburg Film Festival, held in January since 1979, is the leading film festival in Scandinavia with over 155,000 visitors annually.

Göteborg (pronounced something like 'yer-te-bor') is also known by its English name Gothenburg.

It is Scandinavia's busiest port and has a continental outlook; its showpiece Kungsportsavenyn boulevard is often nicknamed the 'Champs Élysées', and the comparison is justified (in a low-key Nordic way).

In the summertime a broad variety of music festivals take place, such as Way Out West and Metaltown.

Gothia Cup, held every year in Gothenburg, is in regards to the number of participants the world's largest football tournament: in 2011, a total of 35,200 players from 1567 teams and 72 nations participated.

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