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Nutritional supplements like N-A-C are available without a prescription.

Researchers say that the body’s tissues and fat store marijuana chemicals and, as your metabolism discharges the drugs over time, you might experience Parkinsonian-like tremors or muscle weakness.• This type of symptom is difficult to manage and socially debilitating.Marijuana use disorder is the name given by medical researchers to marijuana overuse and addiction.According to the NIDA, about 30 percent of users struggle with this.The below addresses each of the different symptoms - from anxiety to depression, and should help you fight and overcome every single one.However, let’s take a closer look at what’s happening to the many people who want to stop smoking. You've come this far..can remain weed free forever! A chemical found in the plant, delta-90tetrahydrocannabinol or THC (plus other compounds) are known to alter the brain and mind.Some cannabis extracts contain even higher amounts of these drugs.So, even if you just smoked pot, you used a powerful drug.Researchers say, in that case, some patients in research studies have received opiate suppressors, such as those given to people withdrawing from heroin:• Researchers believe that when psychotic events happen in the context of weed withdrawal, it’s because THC held in the body’s tissues • The blood stream is flooded with a higher than typical dose of the drug causing psychosis.• Harvard University researchers say that people who start smoking marijuana in their teens have an increased psychosis risk.• People born with a genetic variation of gene COMT also have a higher risk of psychosis, according to the study.Other studies around the world seem to point to Doctors and medical researchers around the world want to provide treatments to help users withdraw from marijuana.The FDA hasn’t approved therapies for the specific purpose of THC withdrawal.Severe symptoms, such as psychosis, are typically considered rare.

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