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Devon lindsey shaw dating

She chooses to remain quiet at the moment, and we hope to hear from her soon. In her recent pictures, there seems a remarkable change in her figure.

She looked to have shed some pounds to maintain a sleek and slim body.

The couple became close after they worked on the sitcom adapted from acclaimed 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You.

She immediately worked on another series Aliens In America after the show ended and went on to work in even more series and films.The actress has always been a wonderful and a talented actress.With her work in the industry, she has amassed the net worth in millions.AE: Are you enjoying playing this grown-up version of Paige who finally has her self together and is so relaxed and reassuring, especially with Emily? When I read the first script of the season — because I had no idea where they were going to take Paige — and saw that Paige was so happy, and that she had created this new avenue for her and Emily to go down, just to see that she wanted to take them to a place that was calm and away from everything in Rosewood, I was so uplifted and happy. AE: Kyle Bown [Marlene King’s assistant] told me that the scene where Paige asks Emily to come away to Stanford with her — and she says yes — made him actually tear up on set when you guys were filming it. It’s the one by the pool during season three when Emily comes to tell Paige she wants to be with her, but Paige thinks she’s going to reject her. But I feel like you just wanted to say the word “Hufflepuff.”LS: It’s a great word! AE: OK, listen, I’m going to talk to you soon, right? And Emily’s like, “Hey, don’t look away.” And then so much kissing. She has yet to confirm the fact, but still, she looks entirely different.Her co-star Ryan Guzman even took to Twitter to acknowledge her beauty.She chatted with us yesterday about the continuing evolution of Paige, about what’s in store for her for the rest of season four, and why she and Shay Mitchell are fervent Paily shippers. Things have been going so well for Paige, I thought for sure she’d be dead by now. I don’t think there’s ever been a character who has grown and grown and grown into something more satisfying than Paige Mc Cullers. And now she’s this beautiful, confident, sexually satisfied woman. I mean, we’re talking about sharing a dorm at Stanford! I think I probably just didn’t want to put so much pressure on myself.LS: Oh my God, that was like luxurious chocolate cake the way you said that. There’s never been a more satisfying character to play, through all aspects of her growth. AE: But Rosewood is Rosewood, so I know it’s not all smooth sailing. LS: OK, so Paige and Emily are working out their senior year of high school. That’s awesome, and she really wants Emily to come with her. As soon as I read that they’d cast her, and I’m sure she’s a very lovely person, I just knew she was coming to town to mess with Paige and Emily. But as soon as we started filming it, everything just happened. And I remember saying afterward that I felt so good and so moved, like I had given everything I had.Physically, emotionally, mentally, even spiritually. This season has been, and continues to be, about their future, and whether they’re going to be able to continue it together. She’s grown so much, so far from where she was, and all she wants is to get Emily away from there so they can live happily ever after! LS: Seriously, why do people keep trying to move in on my woman?! AE: I also heard a rumor that there are some spicy Paige and Emily times in the summer finale. I looked at Shay — I swear, every time I look at that chick — I have never been able to just cry, but when I just relax and just look at her, something happens. AE: That, for me, was the scene that changed everything about thing.There are so many things up in the air right now, like the fact that Emily can’t swim, which is crazy. AE: I have this feeling — and I’m pretty sure I’m right because I have a kind of lesbian TV sixth sense — that Rumer Willis is coming to to try to ruin my life and Paige’s life. So, yeah, I think that’s probably happening, maybe a little competition for Paige. If I could wake up and see that GIF on my ceiling every morning, it would make me so happy. I knew what I was supposed to do, but I didn’t — I mean, it’s not like you just go around practicing kicking trash cans. It’s the one from Jenna’s birthday party where Paige is rooting around in the cupcakes trying to find a coconut one, accidentally roofied off her ass. I just tried to be really loose, just like really laughing and loose with my body. I actually didn’t know I could cry this much until I came to Rosewood!

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