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However, medical devices typically have the worst relative security profile, and this fact is too often overlooked.

But the greater promise lies in the ability of a blood test to surveil for cancer and assuage the concerns of high-risk populations, whether they have inherited cancer risks, environmental exposures, or are cancer survivors.

As genomic sequencing costs drop, technology improves, and test sensitivity increases, new applications will emerge.

Later in the day, the Attending generates a report analyzing the care team’s performance on task completion.

To improve compliance with handoff best practices, the Attending can use Baton to refine the existing workflow to improve patient care and reduce the likelihood of preventable errors.

Using ACGME guidelines as its design standard, Baton improves care team workflow to establish a more efficient clinical environment.

For example, Baton enables: In order to directly address the needs of the care team and facilitate adoption, Baton is modular based.

Instead, when he/she finally receives test results the doctor is forced to interpret them in the context of an exam that happened days or weeks ago.

And the results still have to be communicated to the patient by phone or in a follow up appointment.

Please note the list below contains proposals that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for presentation at Medicine X 2016.

This is a preliminary listing, more abstracts will be added as they are accepted.

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