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And John remains as much an enigma to us as he does to the other characters, at one moment delivering such self-pitying pronouncements as “I’m the oldest I’ve ever been,” and elsewhere referring to women with vicious expletives.And other than in its amusing opening scene, the play never explores its workplace setting in any illuminating way.

Parkside Lounge sits one block from Bowery Street, where visitors can find the Bowery Ballroom – an alternative music venue which features live music every night of the week.

The Clinton Street restaurant row is only three blocks east of the theater and is complete with pizzerias, tapas restaurants, and local bars.

Ride On’s vision is the creation of theatre that draws upon and expands the vitality of our medium.

The premise of the work is to bring a potentially disasterous idea to manifestation and see what comes of it. Ride On was founded in 2003 by NIDA graduates Bojana Novakovic and Tanya Goldberg.

Australian Film Institute award-winner and TV actress Bojana Novakovic (Rake, Shameless) plays Anna – a woman waiting at a karaoke bar for her date to arrive. She has no idea who she is about to meet or what is about to happen.

Devoid of scripts or rehearsals, this is an entirely improvised, intensely personal interaction – including karaoke numbers – in front of a crowd of willing participants.

This carpenter is so socially awkward and quietly menacing, in fact, that Madeleine tells him he must either be a serial killer or “one of those Rain Men.” Another scene depicts John meeting Suzan at the trailer park in which they’re both temporarily staying, with the obviously attracted older woman suggesting that he join her on the road.

While several of the play’s individual scenes resonate with tension and humor, they don’t add up to anything significant.

The punning title refers to the New Mexico shipping hub for a giant online retailer — think Amazon — where sixtysomething Suzan (Deirdre O’Connell) is applying for a job in the opening scene.

A financially strapped folk singer driving cross-country and temporarily stranded after her car broke down, Suzan is forced by the center’s young manager Alex (Bobby Moreno) to demonstrate that she can keep up the necessary fast pace … He also delivers the company line, telling her in robotic fashion, “New Mexicans depend on us to make their holiday dreams come true.” Alex is soon revealed to be under no small amount of stress himself, as demonstrated by his breaking into sobs while Suzan gives him a brief neck massage.

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