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Gridview rowupdating event does not fire

Figure 1 depicts this series of events and steps when updating a Grid View.

As Figure 17 shows, such a Details View provides a quick interface for adding a new record.Go to the Source view to inspect the Object Data Source's declarative markup, which is shown below: property value from the Properties window in the Design view, the property will still exist in the declarative syntax, but will be set to an empty string.Either remove the property altogether from the declarative syntax or, from the Properties window, set the value to the default, for the product's name, price, and ID, Visual Studio has added a Bound Field or Check Box Field in the Grid View for each of the product's fields.Inserting, updating, or deleting data from the Grid View, Details View, or Form View precipitates the same sequence of pre- and post-level events for both the data Web control and the Object Data Source.Figure 1: A Series of Pre- and Post-Events Fire When Updating Data in a Grid View (Click to view full-size image) In this tutorial we'll examine using these events to extend the built-in inserting, updating, and deleting capabilities of the ASP. We'll also see how to customize the editing interface to only update a subset of the product fields.Figure 12: A Label Has Been Added Above the Grid View (Click to view full-size image) By default, this Label should be hidden, so set its collection as well as how to cancel the updating process altogether.These concepts carry over to the Details View and Form View controls and also apply to inserting and deleting.Figure 3: Choose (None) From the Drop-Down List for the INSERT and DELETE Tabs (Click to view full-size image) After completing this wizard check the Enable Editing checkbox from the Grid View's smart tag.With the completion of the Create Data Source wizard and binding that to the Grid View, Visual Studio has created the declarative syntax for both controls.In the editing interfaces from the previous tutorial collection contained a parameter for each of the method's input parameters.If we want to provide a data Web control that allows the end user to only update a subset of fields, then we need to either programmatically set the missing Overload (Click to view full-size image) Since our example will initially just need the ability to edit data, but not to insert or delete records, take a moment to explicitly indicate that the Object Data Source's class's methods by going to the INSERT and DELETE tabs and choosing (None) from the drop-down list.

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