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How to avoid dating

Finally, consider that your dating and/or relationship partner wants you to be happy. Try these techniques and watch how you can prevent the patterns we all dread, while creating your own surprisingly awesome life!

In today’s day and age, dating and relationships are a two-way street.

Okay, yes, sometimes the man plans the first date or two, but this can become a danger zone.

My husband and I have been together for over three years, and we do fall into this pattern from time to time.

What’s important is how quickly you notice what’s happening, so you can use these simple techniques to get back on track to the exhilarating and adventurous life we all love so much.

He has brilliant ideas and understands his wife has a very short attention span. The goal is to notice when they are making you miserable so you can turn things around quickly. Are you stuck in a rut right now with a date, or in your current relationship?

I even say from time to time, “I’m getting bored, let’s change things up.” And we do. Maybe you are seeking information to prevent this predicament in the future because you want a relationship but have concerns about stagnation.

Be confident enough that you can add the missing ingredient.

You’ll be very glad you did, and I’d bet the other person will be, too.

Not only that, your date or partner won’t always have to try to come up with something to entertain you Do you love surprises?

Most people do, if the surprises are from the heart, and not a strategy to get something in return.

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