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How to survive dating a law student

This spring's Southampton City Law Network event focused on the crucial theme of “Getting a law Job, and keeping it”.

Less time with your boyfriend means more time to grow in generosity, kindness, and thoughtfulness by loving and learning from those around you.My husband was advised by a dear friend to write good, long letters—and happily, we continued this practice through two years of dating and a yearlong engagement.Lewis Carroll once wrote, “The proper definition of man is an animal that writes letters.”While email, Instagram, texting, and Skype might be faster ways to communicate, the act of putting pen to paper is far more considerate.We really, really liked each other, but knowing that for the next three years we’d be on opposite ends of the country—and for a little while, the world—made us think seriously about how we could make our budding relationship work.Here are a few things that helped us go the distance.They provided very different perspectives from their careers to date, how they got to where they are and where they see themselves in the future."I highly recommend any law student to attend this event in the future." Mark Wing, organiser of the event and an academic within the School of Business, Law and Communications, said: “I was delighted at the law student turn out and how well informed our LLB students questions were.The important thing about the phone date is the intentionality; everyone leads hectic lives, and you could find yourself chatting for five minutes every day but never feeling totally connected to each other.A scheduled phone date is something to anticipate, and pouring a glass of wine, sitting somewhere with ambiance, or having a book or movie to discuss will only make that time together more enjoyable.Nothing beats opening your mailbox and finding an actual handwritten note among all those bills and catalogs.The first love letter I ever received was waiting for me when I arrived in Italy, and I remember loving the care—not to mention the organizational skills—that my boyfriend showed in order to mail a letter ahead of time.

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