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Husband using dating sites

I know that when I see all my friends and how well they treat their partners but most get walked all over.I feel sorry for the amount of women out there now wasting their lives away with a man that is taking them for granted.If they are not willing to do whatever it takes to make it right with you, then be very careful and suspicious as if you mean that much to them, they should have no problem doing whatever it takes to earn your trust back. I just found my husband is very actively looking for "friends". You all know right from wrong..many people with low self esteem looking for players. I caught my boyfriend 5 years ago on 'Adult Friend Finder'.

But the reality is not so, and we do all already know that, none of us aged over 15 are so nieve as to think its only men or only women who behave in such ways.We split only because of her own personal circumstances making it happen.I went on dating sites after 2 years to find friendship, the love of my life etc. She met me 1 month after txting my cell phone over and over. First he was on Craiglist looking for women and now he is on another dating site. Divorce is the only way to free myself of all of this pain. I have confronted him millions of times about being on those online dating sites.Now he is trying to move home and has been begging me to marry him officially, but I cannot. I went to an abortion clinic, it was the worst day of my life.He was still apologising for it the year after like he still felt really guilty and I would sometimes see a tear in his eye whilst he apologised.I think it annoys him that I sit there emotionless.Women need to pull together, we are much nicer than the male species and we are too good to the men we are with.I have two children and yes I know it will be that little bit harder meeting someone I am happy with, but it certainly beats wasting my life away with a loser!I'm truly sorry to hear the stories of what these men have done to the ladies here.

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