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Yeah, like you heard there was an article about executives whining about that shit? They’ll say to you, ‘Well, a woman as the lead of an action film, boys really can’t relate to that.’ Fucking Wonder Woman showed your ass, didn’t it? Dedicated to survivors of rape and abuse Welcome to the Survivors Chat Community!

If you have need for this site, we first want to say that we are sorry for whatever circumstances have brought you here, but we are glad you've found us. You are worthy of help and you deserve another chance. Note: Survivors Chat is for survivors and their supporters only. We encourage everybody to find a professional therapist to talk to in real life.We are honoured to provide a safe and comforting environment for you to share your feelings and be accepted. By participating in our site, you acknowledge that we are not therapists, and you will not use this as a substitute for professional advice.resource to survivors of child sexual abuse, and we hope it can be an aid in your recovery.SIA is responsible for the content of what you find here.However, SIA is not associated with, and takes no responsibility for the sites that provided the link to this site or published this address, nor is it responsible for the content of their statements to the world.When female porn performers talk about the business empowering them, I would not argue their sincerity. How many of them are abusing themselves to control what they were not allowed to control in some previous situation? not matter how sexy she is or how many tools he may have to control the fallout if it goes bad…Following the line of the movie, when the Fassbender character, Brandon, attempts to “clean up,” and gets rid of all of his porn and toys, then attempts to have something real with his office mate who has made clear that she is not interested in just blowing him on a subway platform and saying goodnight… no matter how willing she is to leap when he takes her to The Standard… So he calls a prostitute and everything works just fine. His powerful ability to overcome her resistance to a situation like the one he puts her in haven’t failed.It does suggest that they are not particularly uncomfortable with one another’s nudity. Her brother, on the other hand, seems to be the only parent on whom it is safe for her to rely. I see them as opposite reactions to a similar abuse.I don’t think this stands as evidence of sex between the two either. (The film doesn’t tell us much about the folks.) And when he no longer offers safe harbor, that is when she attempts suicide. one of the central themes of the film is Fassbender/Brandon’s focus on married women. Obviously, there can be many variations on this notion.I don’t understand why his anger at the events taking place in his home are proof of more than what is right in front of us. She’s fucking a guy she’s known for a couple of hours. Especially when trying to avoid it means cock-blocking the boss when he’s been wing-manning the boss, perhaps a prime strategy for not ever being threatened with losing his job over his odd behavior. As soon as he shouts at her, she runs like a little girl trying to get away from a monster. Even her version of New York, New York suggests an inability to handle aggression. She internalizes a song that’s all bravado for most performers. and that he is upset about her screwing the boss on his living room couch… everyone agrees that it’s incest” or “how dare you have an opinion on this that doesn’t agree with the popular mythology around this picture, you arrogant prig.” It will surely come anyway…But with D, there is also the other element of her pushing his addiction buttons with her desperate need to be close to someone, even if it’s temporary. There is no real threat of violence in that moment. I don’t see those adding up to much of anything except detritus of the rest of the story. but it adds nothing but anger to a conversation about a very smart, very complex film about a subject that most people don’t seem to get. ” Maybe because as a society, a good looking man who randomly fucks gorgeous women and never wants to see them again is not a sick man, but something to which men aspire.

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