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I really had fun today" Go home ( 1) - goto Home1 Sleep and go to Keeley`s apartment "Hi Keeley, you look wonderful" Kiss her cheek ( 2) "Let`s go explore the city" Go to the cinema "How do you feel about romance? Going to the gym leads to the home and shower endings.] Park "Ok, see you then" "You look gorgeous in that dress" "It`s especially nice with you here" "Let`s sit down over there" [if you asked Keeley about swimming on the previous date - goto Hotel Ending Pool Ending "Well, remember my friend who owns a swimming pool? So give me your question" [doesn`t matter] "I think it should be reversed. Then I can guess correctly" Kiss her again While she`s distracted, try to remove her top (requires 5/11/17) "Come on, let`s just swim naked" "Hey, wait up!

" "He`s out of town and said I could borrow the place. " Swim after and catch her Follow her to the side of the pool Kiss her body "I`m coming out. " Continue (requires Medium or higher difficulty) "I`ll take over from there.

I think this is and then by Mortzeart and/or Tlero. Good amount of choices leading to several variables and endings, giving very good replay value.

I just saw the forecast and it`s going to be hot tomorrow. " "Ok, see you tomorrow" Sleep and go to Keeley`s apartment the next day "Oh my god!

Let`s go" ( 1) Go to the nightclub "Let`s dance" "You`re making me hot" "When dancing with such a stunningly gorgeous woman?

It`s inevitable." Continue ( 2) "Let`s get out of here" Go to the hotel Approach and kiss her passionately (requires 5/11/17) Fondle her tits Take off her dress "My God, such beautiful tits" Kiss her Pull out your cock "Stroke it" Watch her stroke your cock Continue (requires Medium or higher difficulty) "Put it in your mouth, Keeley" "Ohhh.. I`m going to cum" (requires Hard difficulty) Take her to bed Fuck her Fuck her Fuck her Fuck her harder Cum inside her Continue END Apartment Ending Kiss her passionately "Why don`t you slip into something more comfortable?

Keeley is very hot one of my favorites as far as physical appeal.

Decent game but not much story to it basically just try to charm her and you score or you don`t.

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