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Invalidating session in spring mvc

That means Spring Security provides two main mechanisms one is Authentication and another is Authorization.Authentication provided by Authentication Manager and access decision taken by Access Decision Manager in the Spring Security.Let’s take a look into flow of Spring Security in the Application with example.

There is no web components exists into Spring Security infrastructure as like Spring MVC, Struts etc.

Spring Security only provides filter to the requests, doesn’t matter whether requests are coming from any browser, device, AJAX, REST etc.

Here we will describe how to configure Spring Security in the web application by java based configuration instead of XML namespace configuration.

Spring Security provides support for Java Based Configuration from Spring Security 3.2.

But it would be cumbersome task to maintain in case of robust application, have a lot of filters.

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Spring Security provides us a Filter Chain Proxy bean to maintain the order filters as below.In this Spring Security tutorial, we’ll take a look at Spring Security Java Configuration.Spring Security provides authentication and access-control features for the web layer of an application.Let’s see this java based configuration with an example.Before example let recall some spring security terms with meaning.Filter and it must have the same name as that in the filter-name element.As we know Spring Security has lot of filters to be configured in a specific order in the by using corresponding delegating filter.As I told you already that Spring Security provides lot of filters in the infrastructure.When using servlet filters, you obviously need to declare them in your web.xml, or they will be ignored by the servlet container.Irrespective of the authentication mechanism, Spring Security provides a deep set of authorization capabilities.There are three main areas of interest: authorizing web requests, authorizing whether methods can be invoked and authorizing access to individual domain object instances.

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