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Figure 3: Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER) Other Factors than real effective exchange rate play a preponderant role.

The real exchangerate and capital inflows The PPP real rate (ep , if there are no nontraded goods (a=O) and the.

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Using the first market-based, objective monetary policy transparency index (hereafter known as the Kia Index), this paper aims to fill the gap in the literature between monetary policy transparency and the seemingly apparent impact it has on exchange rates.

10 Exchange rate volatility and aggregate Abstract: This study estimates the exports demand for Pakistan by employing Autoregressive Distributed Lag model and using quarterly data for the period 1982Q1-2008Q2.

In this study, three-month data of real effective exchange rate (REDK) and IMKB-100 index for 1990-2005 periods have been used.

This is accomplished by measuring the impact of monetary policy transparency on the real effective exchange rate for the United Statesand it is the first study of its kind in the literature.

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