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Bria Tharen was a Human female and a commander in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the early Galactic Civil War.Born to a wealthy family on Corellia, Tharen intended to study archaeology and pursue a career as a museum curator.

Her mother was furious with Tharen for ruining her plans for the expected wedding and instructed her daughter to apologize to Levare and take him back.

Tharen refused and, upset and angry, attended a revival being held by a t'landa Til missionary from Ylesia.

Unknown to Tharen, her newfound religion was an elaborate scam orchestrated by the Hutt Besadii clan to acquire workers for their glitterstim spice processing operation.

Arriving on Ylesia as a pilgrim, Tharen was forced to give up all her possessions, including her name, and became known only as Pilgrim 921.

Tharen spent a year on Ylesia before her religion was exposed as a front for a Hutt spice/slaving operation by a young Corellian pilot named Han Solo.

Solo helped Tharen to escape from Ylesia and the two fell in love.Studying hard and behaving myself weren't enough for her.My father encouraged me to have a career, but all Mother could think about was my making a 'brilliant match.'" She grew up on her family's estate, living with Renn, her mother Sera, and her older brother Pavik.She was assigned to a communal dormitory in Colony One, the first of three colonies inhabited by Ylesia's pilgrims, and spent her days working in the processing plants, measuring and trimming the fibrous strands of raw glitterstim to ensure consistent doses of the spice for export.Glitterstim, which gave its users a temporary telepathic ability, was highly reactive to light; as a result, Tharen had to perform her work in complete darkness, only able to see through infrared goggles.After the founding of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Tharen was given command of Red Hand Squadron.She began planning a raid on Ylesia to end the slavery operation, recruiting a number of smuggler pilots to act as guides, including Han Solo, with the promise of a share of the Ylesian spice.The dangerous work also left her with numerous scars on her fingers, wrists and forearms from the sharp threads of glitterstim, and she developed a fungal infection due to the planet's warm, moist atmosphere.In 10 BBY, Tharen attracted the attention of Han Solo, a young Corellian pilot who had recently begun working for Besadii under the alias Vykk Draygo, smuggling the processed glitterstim.The service ended with a few seconds of Exultation, a process which produced a powerful feeling of rapture in Tharen and which she believed to be a religious experience.Feeling that there was little left for her on Corellia, Tharen sold all her jewelry to buy passage to Ylesia.

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