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There would be far less people on earth, but they would live in peace. In the very moment men step back or vanish from the picture, women do fine for themselves. Other boys may not kill random toddlers, but they terrorise girls or torture animals.

Every ″dirty old man″ used to be a dirty young man who just was quick-witted enough to cover up his crimes, and every dirty young man is a grown up violent boychild. He married a woman from Thailand 30 years his junior. Men see women as things, as useable goods, as animated corpses. Men admit openly in the media that they prefer pornography over sex, as if the women raped on the screen weren’t real.

Last year, there were two men prowling my neighbourhood and bashing in women’s heads from behind. When he abused her, she divorced him and moved back to Thailand. Men work hard to develop realistic sex robots or wife robots (2). Egyptian pharaos and other historical ruling men developped intricate cults around their dead bodies, going so far as to sacrifice not only animals but humans to serve their dead carcasses in the afterlife.

The truth is, that men are actively keeping women from learning ″male″ skills and from working in ″male″ professions. A boy hitting, insulting, bullying and harrassing his sister is not perceived as violent – siblings quarrel, that’s just how things are, and boys will be boys.

By this they secure their financial dominance and keep women dependant on them. As for old men, not even physical weakness stops them from attacking girls and women.

I wonder how badly they’d fare if the schools were indeed female-centered.

Even the most intelligent of men are still incredibly dense. I had to do with this demographic more than I ever wanted, and their sheer ignorance often took my breath away. Writing about what anti-feminist women and men should do is pointless. Men can’t be reformed, they can’t be reasoned with, and they can’t be fixed. Their lack of intelligence, depth and human emotion is built-in. When a man does horrible things to girls and women, he is doing what his very nature commands him to do.One of them was 21 years old and used a crowbar in order to steal money and phones. This made him so angry that he sneaked up on random women and hit them in the head with the meat hammer he specifically bought for this task. Modern dictators have themselves embalmed or at least their wives: Tomás Eloy Martinez wrote a whole novel on the mummy of Evita Péron and takes great delight in describing the necrophiliac interactions of living men with the dead woman (3).No amount of oppression, weakness or illness keeps men from being violent and predatory. Historical and modern ″anatomists″ have gone far beyond scientific interest with killing, collecting, disembowelling and mummifying bodies.If tomorrow all men fell down and were dead, the biggest problem would be the stink.Sperm banks would enable the surviving women to bring just enough men into the world to stock up the banks again. There is no industry – including the notorious mining industry which regularly is brought up in such discussions – impossible to function with exclusively female workers.Picasso gets praised for doing the same thing in paint: woman may have a rudimentary face, but still is a slab of meat.Nonetheless this picture made it into the Guardian’s rating of ‘The top 10 female nudes in art’ (5) by Jonathan Jones, who describes this pornographic shit as: ″Picasso imagines his lover as a welcoming cloud of pinkness, a constellation of curves, in this ecstatic painting.IQ tests and Nobel prizes are tightly monitored instruments.But schools and unis exist all over the world, with millions of teachers and billions of students.

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