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Nice guys dating manual

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In some ways, wearing your heart on your sleeve as a man is perceived as desperate.

According to psychologists, whether relatively young and trying to figure out how to start dating or adults dating again after divorce, Nice Guys are typically disconnected from their core masculine energy, their sexuality and their true feelings.

(Psychologically, repressing their feelings is second nature since they have been either emotionally traumatized/abandoned while growing up, or emasculated in a previous relationship.)How many times have you seen Nice Guys being cheated on, laughed at or simply ignored by hot, super-sexy women who seem to be attracted by jerks like moths to a flame?? Thing is, women with a strong Feminine energy aren't attracted to Nice Guys, since they don't embody the core Masculine energy that the Feminine naturally bonds to. Instead, Their unpredictability and decisiveness are stimulating, providing a woman with a much-welcomed relief from the monotony of her daily routine (whether unremarkably boring, or overwhelmingly demanding). Overcoming the Nice Guy syndrome requires some inner work practice and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Tease her playfully and make her laugh without trying too hard to impress - she’s either interested or she isn’t.

Don’t force it; let it come naturally - here are 4 simple tips and examples of how to talk to girls.5.

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