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It took more than 500 years for the Christianity to ossify into the intolerant dogma of the Inquisition age and its clothing stance. I will send the cost of a case of 24 beers, the brand of your choice to anyone who can find such reference. Well, I noticed that most of the rotten apples in the BDSM community are those who don't make a clear distinction between real and imaginary. The subject of the following poser drawing looks so much like someone I know. But the French inch of the times was actually longer than the British inch, thus making him, in reality 5'7"....average for a Frenchman of the times.The prudishness didn't stop in the XV century, it actually culminated with the Victorian period. So, in brief, the naked images you can undoubtedly find are either from the early Christianity period (before 12th century) or from late apocrypha (writings done in despise to highlight the viciousness of the enemy). I dare you, esteemed audience, to find an informed opinion of an academic historian with published body of work, peer-reviewable, (not a Web author or an article from Internet) in any book detailing the death of Joanne d'Arc that admits as likely the following 2 hypothesis: 1. Joanne was shown ALIVE nude (not a burnt charred corpse) Joanne d'Arc was a fascinating figure after all and the 'founding father' for the Hexagon so there are hundreds of books that satisfy the material source criterion. She always wears her hair pulled back like that as well. So without actually digging him up.....there's no way to know which is right. OK, maybe there won't be a Milgram 4, but if there is perhaps they'd alter the procedure a bit.

I like your idea of attacking different parts of the body and I really like your rubber band on the foot idea.

Pedro chose the student's torture position so that the wounds were invisible to the teacher.

He seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, so I don't know if he's still active. So bad that when I was asked to fill in the insurance form I put down "damsel in distress writer" as occupation. As for you guys arguing about that French tart, you remind me of girls fighting.

I ran pretty much his entire collection at the top of the site a few years back. (pic is by Zamboniman) (Love that moniker) Here one more from Stormrider from my file. ." I would suggest that MG4 return to its roots which was the use of electrotorture.

Third error might bring "now the thighs, 10 strokes...." and so on through back, breasts, perhaps belly.

After the strokes cycle is complete, perhaps "Now we'll apply electricity...." Perhaps, for spice, at some juncture the experimenter might tell the teacher that poor learning is her fault, and that now she must be punished." There's going to be a Milgram 4 but I don't know if Pedro has shot the footage yet or not. Though some may have taken thce view he expressed, this was in no way universal. I believe JD is mistaken in his assertions relating to the "mindset of Western Europe in the Middle Ages" in regard to nudity.One wouldn't ask them to start releasing their work on VHS because they don't know how to use DVDS..this is roughly the same thing.There's absolutely nothing done with a DVD that can't be replicated and probably to better effect with a simple movie file on the computer.Not sure if that's an economy thing or just a reflection of the change in tastes, but I will be happy when ME4 is released.Gog: Bill K is right; that artwork is by Stormrider, an excellent poser artist and a 2013 inductee into our Notable Guests. So bad I had to go to the hospital and get cleaned out.Though some may have taken thce view he expressed, this was in no way universal. Truth be told, neither point can be 100% proved or disapproved.Christianity abounds with naked imagery as the legacy of the Greek/Roman culture, not very shy about nudity. ******** JD * The media box is another idea worth looking into. It's like the question of Napoleon Bonaparte's true height. If you go by the British inch of the times, it would make him 5' 2".Truly Sadistic: [ Ruthless Rack: [ If you want to find the clips on Clips4sale, the store name is "Tickle Abuse 2." JD: Many thanks for sharing Giallo a Venezia (1979) clip.I enjoyed the naked beauty in bondage on table except the gore killing part.

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