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Politically progressive dating sites

Microsoft divested its stakes in the MSNBC channel in 2005 and in in July 2012.The general news site was rebranded as, and a new was created as the online home of the cable channel.

In college, I worked on Obama’s presidential campaign. I try to stay open to opposing points of view, but, more often than not, I agree with the liberal side of pretty much every major issue.

So when my last boyfriend admitted he wanted to vote for Trump in 2016, that wasn’t something I could just let slide.

While our political differences weren’t the only reason we broke up, that was definitely high on my list.

Your significant other doesn’t need to agree with you on everything, but he or she should support your choices and respect your opinions. Political viewpoints often reflect a person’s core values and upbringing, so singles with liberal stances tend to relate best with date prospects on the left side of the aisle.

We never ask for your real name or address or share your email address.

Entrepreneurs now see opportunity in ideological matchmaking.

Although they had the same name, and MSNBC maintained separate corporate structures and news operations.

was headquartered on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington while MSNBC operated out of NBC's headquarters in New York City.

Once your have selected your preferences, our automated matchmaker will recommend members based on these preferences.

We encourage you to upgrade your membership when you see someone you'd like to meet. Each site is like a different doorway into the same house-or a different river flowing into the same ocean.

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