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It’s knowing that your mate has compatible views and opinions on some of the most important issues in your life.

Most couples who are not compatible have relationship problems that lead to a break up. You need to know if the new man in your life is a keeper.

This provides insight into how they will treat the people you want to minister to—your friends and family—and it sheds light on how they might treat you in marriage once the “honeymoon phase” is over.

You want someone who will encourage and instill the same values in your children.

From the way some young Christians talk, it is clear there’s a misconception that marriage solves the problem of lust. Repeated sexual sin, pornography use, and lack of self-control when dating will surely follow a person into marriage if not dealt with and repented of. It has often been said that how a man treats his mother and sister reveals how he will eventually treat his wife.

In the same way, how your partner treats strangers, like the cashier at the grocery store or the waiter at the restaurant, speaks to how they view people in general—their worth, value, and dignity.

One way to seek his wisdom is to ask certain questions about the person you’re with. A few years ago I had a friend tell me he couldn’t think of one person in his church he respected enough to approach for advice. If the person you’re with feels they have nothing to learn from or offer the church, this reveals not only problems with their theology, but also a lack of love for what Christ himself values. They won’t keep them perfectly—none of us does—but are they continually laboring to become more like Christ?

Does your partner seek and search the Scriptures “with his [or her] whole heart”? We all wrestle, like Martha, to stop what we are doing and sit at Jesus’s feet.

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