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The result was creating one of the most beautiful culture centers in all of the United States.UCC also founded the Ukrainian National Museum in Ontario, California, publishes the "Visti" magazine to provide updates and communication to the region's Ukrainians, supports the Chervona Kalyna Ukrainian Folk Dance Troupe, and provides continued financial assistance to the Ridna Shkola of Los Angeles.

The CAAU has partnered with the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles to send medical equipment to Ukraine.

There have been four major waves of immigration from Ukraine to the United States.

The first wave of immigration occurred between 18 and was primarily composed of economic migrants seeking employment.

This immense work was all done by local Ukrainians who not only volunteered their time but also donated all the needed building supplies and material.

Though these community members only recently arrived to the Los Angeles area having lived in the Displaced Person's camps that permeated Germany after World War II, they were not fully established in their new lives in the United States but, nevertheless, donated many hours and dollars to build a new home for the Ukrainian Diaspora.

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