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Updating starforce

(At least it does on 2003/Vista.) And my understanding is that the XP mode is a full VM, so you should be able to install drivers into it. Then get official Dreamfall US patch v1.03 here and remove starforce with it I know it's a bit old thread, but since I've seen many guests viewing it these days, yeah I watch you all, there is an official solution for this.

Just make sure you run the installer in XP mode as well. The compability mode looks like the one in XP but is powered by emulating each application under the surface and showing them on the same desktop with different styles on the borders. Download and install the latest North-American patch for the game, no matter which version you own.

I have attempted fiddling with the compatibility properties (set compatibility to Win XP sp2, and "run as Administrator" for all users) but no luck. If you have the Aspyr 6CD edition, that doesn't come with Starforce so that won't be the problem; and I think there's a separate patch out for that version. Ok, I've spent the better part of the last two hours trying everything I am supposed to to get this running on my Vista X64 rig (Ultimate).

Machine Specs: Windows Visa Business SP1 Intel Centrino Duo T7500 Processor 2.2GHz 4 Gb RAM n Vidia Ge Force 8600 256Mb All device drivers are up-to-date and the hardware is more than capable of running the game. As far as I know all the other versions (except for the downloadable ones) use Starforce, so the update should have worked. This Starforce program that simply must be there to prevent legitimate use simply takes my CD-key and then spends about 2-3 minutes checking the disc (this alone makes it the most annoying protection-software in existance), and then comes up with an error.

when just installing the game and playing it from the cd first time you have to enter the cd key - and they (from starforce) say on their homepage that a special amount of cd's uses a special key, maybe 1000 units, and the next 1000 use other cd-key....

BUT, now after having installed the update with new sf version, which is downloadable for ANYONE, the cd still thoughts: starfoce people are not telling the truth about their cd-keys, because after doing the update (which replaces the game and the protect.dll) ANY sold cd HAS TO RUN...

Windows 7 has a new architecture who can't support the old system at such a low level. Interestingly though, all my saves seem to have disappeared as well - don't know if that's related.

restart loop is a symptom of the bug that the SF driver update should fix. Word of warning to those that might follow on this journey - following the links to the no-cd seemed to caused my virus-scan to flick up a couple of warnings, indeed they still seem to be flashing up - about to run a full scan now. -- full scan finished, nothing found after the half a dozen (ish) alerts were quarantined. Want to run Dreamfall at Win 7 but dam Star Force dont allow you to do so?I'm fairly certain I am not alone with that solution in the end.I just wanted to report that this is the single most frustrating software-install I ever encountered, and it has driven me to resort to using a hack on a legitimate copy.Therefore when I reinstalled Dreamfall afterwords, I skipped the whole starforce deal and went straight to the no-cd patch. And due to this starforce error, they really do need to know. Install the game (do not install the starforce driver) 1.1 If you have already installed the starforce driver, do one of the following 1.1.1 Open a terminal (run cmd) and navigate to your dreamfall folder. Extract the file from the archive (using a tool like winrar or 7zip) 5. It will get rid of the Starforce protection system. As I am a bit bored by some recent games, I have decided to install this adventure game and play it...type '/drv:remove' 1.1.2 Download the driver removal tool from their official site, and run the file. unfortunately I ran into trouble and this thread solved it. I've rebooted and reinstalled 'til my mind has melted. It is the first game out of about 100 that has failed, and also the only starforce-protected.Fortunately there is gamecopyworld and their no-cd patches that saves the day.So even when updating, it will still use the same key. If you have 'custom CD-Keys for blocks of CDs packed', what if the binaries are encypted with their encryption method, where your CD-Key is the key for the encryption? Further informations, if someone can translate from Russian can be found here: q=starforce+wbm&hl=it&lr=&rls=WZPA, WZPA:2005-24, WZPA:en&selm=1090914955%40p45.f112.n452.z2. It would seem that you scan your original disc along with the original key and then scan your backup disc and it will tell you the new key......It would then decrypt the binaries in sort of 'on the fly' with your CD-Key... hl=it&lr=&rls=WZPA, WZPA:2005-24, WZPA:[email protected] looks interesting but I could never find a way to purchase it. This tool isn't the one i thought, luckyly......^^ @Terramex: Underworld tools are not usually found here on CDFreaks, and this is an underworld tool.I'm having similar issues in win 7 Home Premium - has any one tried dodging the sf problem with a no-cd? I found an update that ought to work, but I don't know if it does. It will get rid of the Starforce protection system. I know it's a bit old thread, but since I've seen many guests viewing it these days, yeah I watch you all, there is an official solution for this.KHH, elsewhere I noticed you posted that you had one that worked... When I installed Dreamfall on my Windows 7 x64 Professional, I forgot about the problem and it fucked something up, and made the computer run a system roll-back. Now, for a long time I haven't given out how to find the no-cd patch, but as pirates already have one, it's only really the legitimate buyers who needs to know. Download "Dreamfall: The Longest Journey v1.03 [MULTI] Fixed EXE" (don't bother with the patch the file links to, it isn't needed and has been known to screw things up on non-french editions) 4. Download and install the latest North-American patch for the game, no matter which version you own. I bought this game for my wife, 5 years ago, and never played it.

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