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To do it forcibly every 15 minutes will be correctly regarded as abusive of a 'free service' and dyndns wll block your account, perhaps ISP and 'name and shame' the offenders (Linksys have had this in the past!Back to your original problem - is it possible it is working and its just the web display not updating, due to a browser issue?So, to sum up where we are - DYNDNS does not update when details are entered into the web front end but works from the command line, yes?

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Is there a problem with configuration via the web GUI?

I created a DDNS account at and enable DDNS and set the DDNS information on the WAN1 port on Dynamic DNS page of the router WEB interface.

Although when I click on the login button on Dynamic DNS page, it then connect to and update the DDNS record correctly there.

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