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Because I had started my process of thought about gender so much earlier, I was out of sync with the women's movement when it suddenly burst forth. There was no political activism of any kind [after] women getting the right to vote in 1920.

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So what does this tireless provocateur think of contemporary culture, with its openness to a wide variety of ever-proliferating gender, racial, and sexual identities? Whether the subject is feminism or the fate of Western civilization, Paglia is no Pollyanna.

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Gloria Steinem most famously said you were an anti-feminist and when you denied that, she said that would be like a Nazi saying they're not anti-Semitic. Yet from sites like Camille Paglia: Feminism has gone through many phases.

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If you look at from, say, the early '70s, things have gotten better for women: Men are less uptight about gender roles. Obviously the woman's suffrage movement of the 19th century fizzled after women gained the right to vote through the constitutional amendment in 1920.Yeah i know but this is really easyto do its just project that a baby can do and its just to connect the cat 5 cabel to the usb over cat5 thats all and i was ready to do the video for this but i orderd the camera and the usb over cat 5.The camera came safe and sound and the usb over cat5 came uh in pices it was broken so i had to tell the seller to send me new one so i am waiting for the new one and it will come in june Isad, may I just point out that not all of us have the intelligence you possess and this is guide really doesn't explain anything in the way of details towards accomplishing this project to us internet layman.My father was a paratrooper; when he got out of the Army, everyone married. That pushed the topic through the English department. That's why Patti Smith was so radical when she appeared in her Frank Sinatra garb for [photographer Robert] Mapplethorpe on the front of .That they allowed me to do such a thing on sex was actually kind of amazing. For example: It was 1970 or 1971, there was a feminist conference at the Yale Law School, and major feminists were there including Rita Mae Brown, who said to me, "The difference between you and me, Camille, is that you want to save the universities, and I want to burn them down." How can you have dialogue with these people? We had a screaming fight about [the Stones song] "Under My Thumb." I said, "Yes, yes, the lyrics are sexist, but this is a great song.Later she became a rich lesbian novelist and has a horse farm in Virginia. This is a work of art." And these feminists cornered me with my back against the wall, practically spitting in my face, saying, "Nothing that demeans woman can be art." Now, as a student of art history, how can you have any dialogue with these people?And then I had a screaming fight with the New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Band over the Rolling Stones, because at that time, hard rock was seen as sexist. That is the Nazi and Stalinist view of art, where art is subordinate to a pre-fab political agenda.O right so this project was came in my minde when my uncel had that littl problem it did cam pretty fast.This project is based on the easy,cheap,factor so basiclly for begginers Sorry for the bad English but i live in Albania and i am not that good with English.One must be more sympathetic to the situation of my parents' generation. Yes, there's absolutely no doubt: I was on the forefront of gay identification. Paglia: Sexual personae, which was the book finally published in 1990 after being rejected by seven publishers and five agents.They had known nothing but Depression and war throughout their entire lives. They just wanted to live like real people, man and wife in a home. I was a gender nonconforming entity, and I was signaling my rebellion by these transgender Halloween costumes that were absolutely unheard of. My parents allowed me to do it because I was so intent on it. When I arrived at graduate school at Yale, 1968–1972, I was the only openly gay person, and I didn't even have a sex life. And I was the only person doing a dissertation on a sexual topic. I'm delighted I had the sponsorship of [Yale literary critic and scholar] Harold Bloom. Paglia: But at that time, there were no woman musicians.

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