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It's commendably beyond (quite graphically) the uninspired standard of talking heads, but it's nevertheless wanting for depth and potency, regardless of the compelling nature of the issue. Our team’s expert and vast knowledge of the residential and commercial St.Most revelatory are the cammers' appreciation for being their own bosses and finding financial success that surpasses that of more customary jobs.

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In many ways, the documentary as a whole serves a correspondingly dual purpose.

Promiscuity is shunned and intercourse is demonized; open-mindedness is a difficult concept to propagate, especially when old-fashioned traditions and religion still immoderately dictate the forms of acceptable professions.

It's an amusing subject, but executed with a distinct lifelessness, a lack of technical and editing verve, a tonal flatness, and a failure to movingly illustrate the various personas that frequent the picture.

Most of the footage is snippets of the shows, which, when devoid of narration, are mere sexual images (pole-dancing, masturbation, showering, fondling) for the sake of sexual images.

This will, undoubtedly, prevent "Cam Girlz" from being a film that can reach a wide audience.

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