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In the end, the fascination for me in Willy’s journal is how he diarizes his feelings, thoughts and observations on such a very personal, human level but in the light of history his entries resonate today on a much grander scale. I don’t know if I’ll be able to record everything about it but I’ll try. It was difficult seeing the coast slowly shrink as we left. , 1941 Last night, some kid, I’d say about nineteen, was crying in his bunk.

My mother made me promise that I write in this journal as often as possible. I hope this trip won’t be too long, I don’t want to get sea sick.

My father, who passed away in July of 2008, was also a “North Novie” and subsequently became involved in the North Nova Memory Club. The girls are getting attached to them but half of these guys are using them like paper towels. We’ve replaced the London Irish and London Scottish Regiment. I’d promised my little sister, Maureen, I’d bring her trick or treating this year. Instead I had gone to a dance that turned out to be terrible.

This blog is based on the World War II journal of William Henry Smith, a Private in the North Nova Scotia Highlanders. I don’t know what would have happened to me if they would have. June 23, 1942 Me and Rodney just got back from London we had a great time. After what she did to me, I wouldn’t bother thinking of her again. I hope she likes it, it was for the new summer collection.

Willy’s journal relates a fascinating and compelling story that has all of the elements of a classic literary piece relating how the horrors of the war cause the rapid maturation of a boy from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – all told in simple, straightforward, evocative, first-person prose. As for presents, we didn’t have lots of things but we had lots of candy. Jan 7, 1942 Just came back from London with Rodney and Richard. Richard met a girl up there a few weeks back and he wanted to introduce her. I was able to have a home cooked meal instead of that disgusting sludge at the base. One thing that really makes me sick is those potatoes. First off, on Tuesday news came that the enemy was going to bomb us.

It was disappointing not to have found Willy or any of his relatives to whom I could have passed on the diary. We ate in restaurants, she introduced me to some of her friends, everything was perfect. , 1942 I got a letter from Daphne saying that she wants me to come back the next weekend I have off so I can meet her family. Her father was a very serious fellow who smoked his pipe quietly. It was fun, but boy did the kids remind me of Maureen. Feb 28, 1943 It has been too long since my last entry. She didn’t win but I thought she was the prettiest there. August 17, 1943 I got to see Rachelle again but there was a misunderstanding because she seems to be married to a man who lives in Paris. First of all, they brought us in boats 50 yards from the shore and we had to swim back to the shore with our complete kit and Mae West (a sort of life vest). You should see, those guys are being showed how to swim in these small swimming pools. Jan 29, 1944 I finally found Maureen something and I didn’t have to go to London to find a little doll at a store close by. I’ll send them the presents soon since Mom’s birthday is coming up. I sent mom the package with all the presents, she should get it on the day of her birthday. June 1, 1944**** As we approached the beaches yesterday, all I could think of was one specific line in the speech General Eisenhower wrote us before we left England, “The free men of the world are marching to victory! I knew that I would fight with all my heart for my country. We were in a pit and a potato masher grenade flew in. The search for the real Willy and, now, Rodney continues.

I have spent about four years on that quest to no avail and have had many on-line acquaintances help me along the way. He stared at me and asked me questions about Canadian politics from time to time. She’s really busy with school and we hardly see each other anymore. I can’t sit down and spend time writing anymore, I hardly have time. It’s really hard, but I’m starting to enjoy all the marching. She’s French actually but she spoke a little English. Less than a month, June 6, 1944 They’re telling us to bring as little of our kit as possible. I was frozen with fear but he took it and threw it back just before it exploded. I will publish some of the fascinating research these very kind ladies undertook to assist in solving these puzzles in the near future. We were under fire and I was running to hide in the fields and next thing I knew I was laying in my pool of blood in great pain. ****In the fall of 2012 my wife and I traveled to Normandy and visited the various sites associated with the D-Day landings of the Canadian troops. search_query=willy's wwii journal&oq=willy's wwii journal&gs_l=youtube.3…34937.44048.0.443.…0.0… Yu M or by searching You Tube for “Willy’s WWII Journal”.

Frustratingly, in all of my on-line research, through both primary and secondary sources, I have not been able to find out anything more about Willy. There’s a battleship that’s escorting us across the Atlantic in case Germans attack us. I could hardly stand while Rodney chatted away as if he had never drunk five beers.

I will continue to pursue that path as well and will keep you updated on my progress, if any. I can’t wait to get there, it’s only been two days since we’ve left and it seems I’ve been on the ship a week! I was wide awake, those bed are really uncomfortable. If he hadn’t been there, I would have had my leave revoked for God knows how long.

Also in the journal were some scraps of what must have been important items to Willy together with some pictures that were all loosely placed in the pages of the journal. Now we’ve just finished 2 days of extensive training. It was nice seeing the whole unit marching to Chichester Cathedral. I think all the companies will have new commanders.

I have added scans of these photos and other items and fit them into the journal narrative where I thought would be appropriate.

In the TV series, step-brother to Serena and Eric van der Woodsen.

Chuck Bass is introduced by author Cecily von Ziegesar in her Gossip Girl series of teen novels, the first of which was published in 2002.

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