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Read Full Review I have no idea why I joined this site, I must have been particularly bored that day.I also was swamped with messages from Germany, Russia, Canada and the USA.

I went to the site and had a dozen emails that were all basically the same, from women close to me and I didn't even have a profile.

I've set up profiles on several sites but paid for none except Lava Life.

Also, if you check the messages you reply to, they are never opened. Read Full Review Written on: 11/06/2012 i myself am now having problems on that site..i joined on 4/4/12 for a one mth member ship.the 17th of apirl i cancelled my member ship.the 4th of MAY.. all they could say is that now we cancelled your member ship completly.i asked them for a refund for the two mths i was charge for,they told me that they can't give refunds,i would have to send a email to some other web-site to get my money back!! The profile would usually say USA, but once someone contacted me it was almost always from another country and naturally almost all the "women" were young and good looking.

So when you cancell your member ship make sure your not still being charge.. This site is not worth your time and certainly worth a penny. Read Full Review I never even set up a profile and got an email in my regular mail saying someone wanted to meet me.

Not one of the are where they say they live most are from ghana, WHERE IN THE HECK IS THE FCC AT!!!!!! I sent out over 10 emails, and while I understand that some may not be interested, only 2 were actually read. In the mean time, I was bombarded every day with women in their 20's sending winks, and emails that were obviously copied and pasted into the email.

Not one email ever said anything about my profile, or what I said or was looking for. Read Full Review Fake American marine tried his hardest to get my cash card details.

POOR NAVIGATION AND A TOTAL RIP OFF AND REFUSED TO REFUND MY MONEY AND BLOCKED ME BOO HOO. Read Full Review This is an absolutely terrible and appalling site.

The automatic billing changes were the first hurdle and trying to phone to cancel, I was kept on hold for over 20 minutes!

The one person I did chat to blocked me the next day, I suspect that this person does not exist anyhow. Read Full Review Written on: 16/05/2012 I have tryed to cancel my subs but the phone number they gave me did not work so i found their address and phone number in scotland and used that 08 they will give you 2 options 1 or 2 use 1 and cancel through them good luck I am a lady who is been who until recently was a member of Girls Date For Free dating site.

I joined with the best intentions to make contacts and hopefully find my dream man.

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